Port Breakaway!

This massive city is the jewel of the coast. Its largest island houses most of the city’s residents, but be wary about going below the King’s Thoroughfare! There lies the Warren, where the streets twist and turn into dark dead ends without warning, paths seemingly changing behind you and unseen eyes following your every step. Stick to the well-lit streets above the Thoroughfare, as the thieves are much more polite there. No stabbings at all! Also along the King’s Thoroughfare are regular guardhouses – to show that we care about your safety and for our citizens to sleep better at night!

Merchants come from all over the continent to hock their wares at The Wheel, Breakaway’s bazaar that spans miles. Just north of The Wheel lies Breakaway Scholar University. BSU was just built to house capable students eager to study a wide range of subjects. From Magic to Breaking & Entering, BSU covers every students needs. Just east of the university is where the Court of Seven is held and all embassies are located (sometimes this is referred to as ‘The Seat of the Seven’.)

If you continue east, you’ll find the Arena! This beauty can pack in hundreds of thousands of people. On the weekends it is filled with gladiators and dangerous animals! During the weekdays, however, associated thespians and bards will be running through their fifteenth rendition of “The Wizard’s Folly”. Warning: Trying to see everything going on below without a spyglass may cause eyestrain.

East of the Arena is Point Lookout, where guards stand vigil atop a tower on the highest point in the city. This is a tradition, as the original city founders used the same spot to watch the seas for trouble.

To the north of the Arena stands our lighthouse, its magical light guiding ships into the city’s seawater loop. To the northeast of the lighthouse is Blackthorn Estate, passed down from father to son. This estate is where the original Blackthorn settled after he founded the city and imposed forced trade, making this city the wonder it is today!

Directly to the south of Point Lookout is a small island featuring a tall statue of Blackthorn looking out to sea through his trusty spyglass, his loyal cat Clegg at his feet.

To the southwest of the statue is the warehouse district, housing local produce as well as shipped freight and any probably-legal items. To the northwest of the warehouse district stands a monument on a tiny island. This monument, approved by our Merchant’s Guild, honors any merchants who died resisting the Forced Trade Law put into effect by the Blackthorn family.

To the south of the warehouse district is the Ki-Strike Monastery, built to teach those who are interested or worthy. To the northeast of the monastery lies the Mage’s Keep, where magic users can be apprenticed by wizards or sorcerers. Here is where most of the enchantments around the city originate.

Port Breakaway is not just a marvel of commerce and architecture, it’s also a lovely vacation spot! There are several cabins available at a somewhat-reasonable-not-swindling-you-at-all price near the historic (and magical!) city lighthouse. As the primary mode of transport is by boat, the city boasts beautiful and interesting tours by dinner boats, perfect for a romantic date! Send carrier pigeon, post or throw your voice to:

Breakaway Tourism Guild
c/o Bandy Parker
578 King’s Thoroughfare
Port Breakaway

This ad was paid for by the Breakaway Tourism Guild.

Port Breakaway